How do I  know what size to buy?

Please refer to the shapes and sizes for what we offer and how to measure your nail.**Note we highly encourage you to purchase a sizing kit of your desired shape for an accurate nail set, incase you may measure incorrectly.All different shapes come in different sizes. 


How long do the nails last?

The nail set will depend on how well you prepped your natural nails. Every nail set comes with a prep kit which includes nail tabs and a nail glue, the nail tabs will last from a couple hours to 1-2 days. The nail glue can last anywhere from 1-3 weeks. This all varies on your day to day routine.


Are they reusable?

Yes every set is reusable with our included nail tabs which are easy to remove after every use. If using nail glue make sure to gently remove any old build up nail glue on the press on nail, they can be refuse many times over. **Note do not use nail polish remove or any kind of acetone to remove the old build up nail glue it will damage them.


What if the nails don’t fit?

As previously mention we highly encourage you to purchase a sizing kit. We are not responsible for any incorrect measurements.


Changes to designs?

No, designs are as shown in the picture. The only options are Matte/Shiny finishes.**Note there might be a slight variation in color, due to lighting, skin tone, and different gel batches.


Whats included in my order? 

All orders come with a prep kit which includes: cuticle pusher, buffing block, prep wipe, nail tabs, and a nail glue…





How long is processing time?

It will take anywhere from 5-10 days from purchasing date for your nail set to be shipped.Once shipped it will vary depending on where you are located and shipping carrier.**Note these times frames are not exact and can be more or less depending on demand.


Can I cancel my order?

An order can be canceled within 24 hours of purchasing. After the 24 hours all sales are final no refunds or exchanges. This is due to all sets being custom made.